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When variable speed drive systems are braking, they generate power that must be dissipated. If the excess energy is not dissipated, the drive system can lose control of the process due to an overvoltage trip, or must extend the braking time to keep from overpowering the drive. The traditional method of dissipating excess energy is burning the energy off in a resistor, but resistors take up significant amounts of space and generate an abundance of heat.

The M3660REM Regenerative Energy Monitor is designed to monitor the voltage and current of the resistor to calculate the total energy dissipated across the resistor. The resulting data can be used to size a Bonitron Line Regen to replace the resistor and minimize heat loss, shrink footprint, and return the energy to the AC line.


  Model Number Drive AC
Max Monitoring Voltage Max Monitoring Current Weight  
  M3660REM-C2000 230 - 600 VAC 1000 VDC 2000 ADC 10 lbs  
  Made in the United States of America

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