Braking Transistor

- 0.5 to 10hp : 20% Duty -

M3675T Braking Transistors are ideal for drives with no internal braking transistor or 7th IGBT.

Bonitron M3675T units are used with AC drives to allow full power braking and eliminate overvoltage faults. This permits controlled braking and dramatically shortens motor stopping time. The M3675T works with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to monitor the DC bus. If overvoltage occurs, the M3675T shunts the excess energy through a braking resistor to prevent overvoltage faults.

Standard and custom braking resistors are also available from Bonitron. For more information see the M3575R series.

If your looking for a higher rated Braking Transistor, see our Braking Transistor page.

RoHS Compliant


  • Forms, Charges, discharges, measures, and tests capacitors
  • Variable output voltage: 0 - 1000 VDC
  • Digital voltage and current displays
  • Portable - case on wheels
  • Operates from standard 120 or 240 VAC supply


  • Automatically steps through voltage settings. No manual adjustment needed.
  • Accurate capacitor measurement
  • Easily reforms capacitors
  • Standard output connections
  • Overcurrent and overtemperature protection
  • Tough impact and weather resistant case


  • Measuring aging capacitors helps avoid preemptive replacement
  • Reforming capacitors can prevent catastrophic failure
  • Quick verification of stored drives
  • Reforming saves cost of purging old stock capacitors
  • Decreases maintenance time and cost
Peak HP Model Number Sytem Voltage Peak Current Cont. Current Min. Resistance Dimensions
(H x W x D)
Model Weight
2.5 HP M3675T-U10 115 VAC 10 A 2 A 19 Ω 7.00" x 2.06" x 6.75" 2 lbs
5 HP M3675T-L10 230 VAC 10 A 2 A 38 Ω 7.00" x 2.06" x 6.75" 2 lbs
7.5 HP M3675T-E10 380 VAC 10 A 2 A 62 Ω 7.00" x 2.06" x 6.75" 2 lbs
10 HP M3675T-H10 460 VAC 10 A 2 A 75 Ω 7.00" x 2.06" x 6.75" 2 lbs

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