• Bonitron designs and manufactures quality industrial electronics that improve the reliability of processes and variable frequency drives worldwide. With products in numerous industries and an educated and experienced team of engineers, Bonitron has seen thousands of products engineered since 1962 and welcomes custom applications.
  • No matter what industry your AC drive and motor support, Bonitron has the solution to enhance your process and increase uptime. Contact us to discuss your application or select your industry from the drop down list above. Do you have an application with Bonitron products installed? Share it with us via email or on facebook.
  • Bonitron offers numerous products to enhance your process and compliment your drive. Most Bonitron products simply connect to the DC bus of any drive. Browse Bonitron's cross references to match your drive with many Bonitron products.
  • Protect your Process from Sags & Outages Protect your Process from Sags & Outages • Uninterruptable Power for Drives (DC Bus RideThru) • Chargers / Dischargers • Energy Storage
  • Prevent Overvoltage Faults Prevent Overvoltage Faults • Braking Transistors & Resistors • Line Regeneration • Safety Brakes
  • Avoid Costly Power Factor Penalties and Reduce Noise Avoid Costly Power Factor Penalties and Reduce Noise • Power Factor Correction • Noise and Transient Suppression • 12 and 18 Pulse Kits
  • • Single & 3-Phase Power Supplies • DC Bus Filter Capacitance • Common Bus Sharing and Isolation Diodes
  • • Portable Capacitor Formers and Testers • Portable Dischargers
  • • Line Regeneration • Power Factor Correction


M3712 Single Phase Power Supply

  • Power 3-phase drives from single phase source
  • No de-rating of drive for single phase operation
  • Added bus capacitance and filtering
  • Soft start up to drives for increased reliability
  • UL Listed
  • 208 – 480VAC
  • Up to 125HP per unit

Logging & Sawmill Industry

  • Transistor/Resistor braking for saws and debarkers to keep workers safe in an emergency
  • Return your application to a safe position in case of a power outage with Bontron UPD Lite
  • Single and 3-Phase Line Regeneration options for conveyors and other braking applications

M3545 Line Regen

  • Single or 3-Phase 208 – 480 VAC | 50Hz/60Hz
  • Status LEDs
  • 3-Phase Ratings
    • 15A Continuous
    • 22.5A for 60 Seconds
  • Single Phase Ratings
    • 5A Continuous
    • 7.5A for 60 Seconds


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