M3645 300A Regen M3713 Power Supply M3728 Precharge

M3645 Line Regen

  • 208 - 600VAC support with 50/60Hz auto select
  • Replaces braking resistor solution
  • Over 99% efficient
  • Interactive digital display
  • Simple hook-up with no software setup
  • Integrated filtering and surge suppression
  • Parallel additional modules for higher current (Consult Bonitron for more than 2 total)
  • 150% overload

M3713 3-Phase DC Bus Supply

  • SCR Bridge Precharge
  • Diagnostic Indicators
  • Parallel operation with multiple units
  • 12 or 18 pulse cascade or parallel modes with M3713SC
  • Easy to troubleshoot “blink” fault codes
  • Allows standard drives in 12 and 18 pulse configurations with M3713SC
  • Low total solution cost
  • High reliability
  • System flexibility

M3728 Precharge Module

  • Nema 1 Construction
  • Optional battery undervoltage protection
  • Controlled load disconnect
  • Self-protects from overloads
  • Allows use of diode rectifiers in case
    SCR rectifiers will not function
  • Allows use of regenerative power
    supplies without internal precharge


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