M3800 Capacitive Regen Controller

  • Simple, Passive method for storing regenerated energy from a braking motor
  • Allows for an increase in energy storage with a smaller rise in DC bus voltage when used conjunction with a capacitor bank and various external components
  • Stored energy can be source back to the DC bus during periods of higher demand, lower the peak power required by the system

Boiler Solutions

  • UPD Ride-Thru for critical VFD processes
  • Keep boiler draft fans and feedwater pumps operating at peak efficiency in the event of a power failure
  • Trust a company with 20+ years of critical backup power experience

M3645 Line Regen - New 15% Lower Prices

  • 3-Phase 208 – 600 VAC | 50Hz/60Hz
  • Interactive Digital Display
  • Ratings
    • Up to 100A Continuous
    • Up to 150A for 60 Seconds
  • Simple hook-up with no software setup
  • Integrated filtering and surge suppression
  • Parallel modules for higher current
    (Consult Bonitron for more than 2 total)


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