M7009R & C

24 VDC Buffer Module

M7009 DC Buffer Module
3-Phase Schematic

24VDC Regulated Buffer Module & Extension

Bonitron's M7009R is a cost-effective solution for protecting your 24-volt DC bus from short-duration sags and outages.

During normal operation, the unit trickle charges from the 24V bus, fully charging in under six minutes, with a peak charge current of 1.5A. Once charged, the unit draws minimal power from the 24V bus.     

During an outage, the module supports the 24V bus for a period depending on the power draw.

The M7009R contains no batteries or other parts requiring maintenance. The module is truly plug and-play, requiring only two connections. With the addition of the M7009C extension, you can expect improvments in hold-up time as well as increased outage duration. With the M7009R, you can have confidence that your controls, relays, and other 24V loads will continue to operate during most outages.

RoHS Compliant

Model Numbers Standby Voltage Hold-Up
Power Internal Storage
Internal Storage
(H" x W" x D")
M7009R-24V20A-DIN 23.25 - 27 VDC 23.25 - 23.75 VDC 20A 480W 20F 5760J 5.375” x 5” x 5.75”
M7009C-24V-DIN 23.25 - 27 VDC - - - 20F 5760J 5.375” x 3.1” x 5.75”
For further information, check with factory.

Hold Up Times





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