Undervoltage Icon S3534CR


Bonitron S3534CR Electrolytic Capacitor UPD (Uninterruptible Power for Drives) Systems monitor the drive. If the drive voltage sags or disappears, the UPD becomes active and provides power to the DC bus. This allows critical processes to never see the disturbance and can continue operating at full power.

Product Highlights

  • 208 - 480VAC
  • 3 - 50kW (at 480VAC)
  • Up to 1 Second outage protection
  • Electrolytic capacitor energy storage
  • Electrolytic capacitor energy storage
  • Provides full-load power for up to half a second
  • seamless power transfer from utility to Bonitron

System Components

  • Cabinet
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Optional Interactive Digital Display
  • Monitors and stores history of power quality issues, including status, voltage, and current

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