M5628 Isolated Battery & Capacitor Charger

M5628 Battery Charger

Bonitron M5628 Chargers maintain energy levels in batteries and ultracapacitors. Can also be used as a power supply.

Some industrial systems require back-up power to protect critical processes from power outages and voltage sags. Energy storage devices such as batteries and capacitors are required for outage protection. A charger is necessary to keep the energy storage reservoirs at the appropriate levels.

  • Adjustable current limit and charge voltage
  • Maintain energy levels in batteries and capacitors
  • Digital Display
  • Isolated status contacts
Max. Charge Current Input Voltage Model Number Charge Voltage Range Dimensions
(H" x W" x D")
Model Weight
230-240VAC 380-415VAC 460-480VAC
20 A 208-506VAC (50-60Hz) M5628AC-H020-A6 10-300VDC 10-500VDC 10-600VDC 18.60" x 6.25" x 11.25" -
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