Agriculture is an integral part of our life. Society would not exist as it does today if agriculture had not advanced and adopted new technologies as time progressed. The industry has become more efficient to stay competitive and profitable. One way this evolution has taken place is first by adopting electric motors and second by using variable frequency drives to control them. Drives increase motor efficiencies by controlling the speed at which motors operate.

ince not all drives are designed for single phase operation, Bonitron has created the M3712 Single Phase Common Bus Power Supply that takes a single phase AC input and outputs DC power that is used to power standard 3-phase drives via the DC bus terminal connections.

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M3712 Single Phase Power Supply

M3712 Single Phase Common Bus Power Supply

  • Efficiently power 3-phase drives from a single phase source
  • No derating or resizing of the drive
  • For use with single or multiple drives
  • Integrated precharge and soft start up for increased reliability and drive life
  • Adds bus capacitance

The M3712 is a low-cost solution for powering 3-phase AC drives from a single phase source.

3-phase motors are the economical choice for motor applications above 10 horsepower, however many locations only have single phase power available due to the cost of expanding 3-phase availability.

To increase efficiency in motor-driven applications, variable frequency drives (VFDs) can be used to control 3-phase motors. VFDs offer advantages such as soft starting, speed regulation, and increased efficiency. Most VFDs are not designed for single phase operation, and even those that are must be oversized by up to 300% when operated from a single phase source.

Fortunately, there is no longer a need to oversize 3-phase drives when using them in single phase applications thanks to the Bonitron M3712 Single Phase Common Bus Power Supply. The M3712 has a single phase AC input and serves as a power supply for one or multiple drives via DC bus terminal connections. In addition, the M3712 aids in protecting your drive from the high currents caused by single phase operation, which allows your drive to run cooler and longer.


Conveyors are common in the agriculture industry, as they transport materials from one location to another. Examples include moving grain into and out of the dryer, into the silo, as well as moving hay into a loft or storage facility.

Bonitron M3712 Single Phase Common Bus Power Supplies allow you to power one or multiple conveyors by tying multiple drives to a common DC bus for maximum efficiency and reduced component count and cost.

Agriculture Conveyor


Fans serve an array of functions in the agriculture industry. Some simply aid in cooling livestock, while others aerate grain and provide proper ventilation in various facilities.

Agriculture Fan

Grain Dryers

Grain dryers consists of multiple motor-driven components including conveyors, tumblers, and fans that work together in order to dry grain. variable frequency drives are commonly used to adjust the speed of the components.

Agriculture Grain Dryer


Possibly the largest factor in producing a successful harvest directly correlates to how well crops are irrigated. Water is not always available where it is needed, therefore irrigation systems are essentially a must. While there are several styles, most share the same concept of pumping water from a source and distributing it to the crops.

This process uses multiple motors. Some pump the water throughout the swing arm, while other motors drive the wheels that move the swing arm across the field.

Agriculture Irrigation Pump
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