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Blackout Protection up to 15 Minutes

Bonitron Battery UPD (Uninterruptible Power for Drives) Systems are the economical method of providing DC bus back-up power for up to 15 minutes and are ideal for dark starts where no initial power is available or to hold up processes until there's time for generators to start.

Bonitron Battery UPD Solutions can be purchased with batteries, or batteries can be sourced locally to reduce shipping costs.

Bonitron UPD Advantages

In-line UPS Disadvantages

Ride-Thru_E66 S3534BR
Up to 60 Second Outage
Up to 40A
D41 S3460BR
Up to 15 Minute Outage
Up to 610A

When full outage protection for up to 15 minutes is needed, the S3534BR or S3460BR is the ideal solution. The Battery UPD System stores energy in battery banks and releases it onto the drive’s DC bus when needed. This allows the drive to "RideThru" power sag or outage events and maintain motor speed and torque.

Product Highlights

  • 208 - 480VAC
  • Up to 15-Minute outage protection
  • "A UPS for Drives"
    • More efficient and reliable than traditional in-line UPS systems
  • Ideal solution to keep drive-driven process online until generators start up
  • Seamless power transfer from utility to Bonitron

System Components

  • Voltage Regulator
  • Charger
  • Batteries (Supplied or acquired locally)
  • Cabinet
  • Interactive Digital Display
    • Monitors and stores history of power quality issues, including status, voltage, and current.
    • Standard on BR Series
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