KIT 3628 Ultracapacitor Discharger

Kit 3628 Discharger

KIT 3628T is a combination of a relay, 24V power supply, and 24V backup module. In conjunction with an appropriately sized M3628R discharge resistor. The system will discharge an attached capacitor bank to below 50V in 1 minute. Automatic discharge can be set up using an aux contact on the cabinet disconnect switch or breaker, or manual discharge can be triggered locally or remotely via PLC control.

KIT 3628T is available in voltages up to 1000 VDC, and in peak currents up to 600 amps. Complementary M3628R resistors are available up to 4000 kJ, and can be paralleled for faster discharge times or for larger energy banks.

  • Overtemp feedback contacts
  • Powered from capacitor bank
  • Typically sized to discharge to 50V in 1 minute
  • Ability to abort discharge cycle
  • Saves panel space
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