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In many industries HVAC systems are a vital part of the operation. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is the means to control not only temperature and humidity, but also the actual flow patterns of the air through a room. In data centers the temperature and humidity are key, while in clean rooms the air flow pattern is crucial. Both applications rely on continuous power and a loss of power for either could be disastrous.

Electricity travels miles to reach the drives and motors that control your process. While outdoor power lines and substations are vulnerable to power outages caused by cars, weather, and even animals, the lines inside your plant are susceptible to power quality events as well.

Unlike typical plant wide solutions, Bonitron designed its UPD solutions to connect directly to the DC terminals of one or multiple drives. If drive voltage sags, the Bonitron UPD immediately provides power so motor speed is not affected and the process never sees a disturbance. When properly sized, Bonitron UPD systems provide drives with full-load power until the AC line is restored or generators are online.


In the realm of semiconductor manufacturing, precision and cleanliness are paramount. Certain hi-tech industries, such as semiconductor fabrication, operate within controlled environments known as clean rooms to ensure optimal production conditions. Even the smallest dust particle can disrupt manufacturing processes, leading to significant losses in both product quality and profitability.


At Bonitron, we understand the critical role HVAC systems play in supporting semiconductor manufacturing. Our HVAC solutions are engineered to deliver reliable performance and precise airflow control, ensuring uninterrupted operation in cleanroom environments. With Bonitron's expertise, semiconductor facilities can trust in the integrity of their drive based infrastructure to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and operational efficiency while ensuring that all systems will meet semi-47,UL & CE spec requirments .

Through the incorporation of Bonitron's UPD solutions, critical functions can be protected against voltage sags and outages which can be fatal to production lines such as:

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    Heat is the enemy of data center servers. Servers operate continuously and generate high levels of heat. For servers to remain operational they must remain within a certain temperature range. This requires an efficient cooling system that consists of multiple motor-driven components, including pumps and chillers that require constant power. A chiller supplies cold refrigerant to the AC and if it loses power it can take up to 15 minutes to restart, leaving the data center without cooling. Even if the servers are shut down, residual heat can still damage the system. To prevent this, a Bonitron UPD system can be connected to the drive system to maintain constant power.

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    Many industries require clean room technology to ensure that a process is not contaminated. From operating rooms to semiconductor manufacturing, even the tiniest particles of dust can cause major problems. Control of airflow in a room and high quality filters are the key technologies used to maintain a dust free environment. The fans that move the air must run at a constant speed Bonitron UPDs prevent the fans drive systems from seeing any disturbance in power.

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    Hospitals require cleanrooms to ensure that surgical operations are not contaminated and medications are prepared in a sterile environment. Contamination of either of these could lead to a patient becoming infected. Controlled airflow patterns, pressurized rooms, and high quality filters are the key methods used to maintain a sterile environment. The fans in the HVAC system must run at a proper speed to maintain a consistent airflow pattern. Even a slight disruption in proper airflow could compromise the room, which is why Bonitron UPDs are designed to prevent the fans' drive systems from seeing any disturbance in power..

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